Hi there, my name is Tom.

My love of animation and computer graphics started early, when my hard-working parents managed to buy a Commodore Plus 4, circa 1986.

In my adult life, I was lucky to have been employed by a company which has grown from a small startup to a full-service advertising agency. My knowledge and passion have grown with the company and its team for over 10 years. I’ve moved to the UK in 2011, been employed as a designer and later transitioned to be a full-time freelancer.

I was always fascinated by how a series of single images make the illusion of movement. I’m using my solid graphic design background to enhance the message on the screen and enjoy when visuals come to life through motion.

In my private life, I’m trying to be the best both as a husband of an awesome creative and as a daddy of an amazing two-year-old. I believe in self-education and the sharing of knowledge. My favourite colour is orange.